What is Narcodeforestation

Next to every country in the world some chemical substances are made illegal by drug policy. Since there is still demand everywhere black market exists. Some of these substances are produced within ecologic endangered areas.

These endangered areas include:

  • wild life parks
  • rainforest ecosystem

The production of crop demands land. So the farmers burn down rain forest in order to grow more. The criminal prosecution is pushing people deeper into the forest, which leads to even more damage.

Together with the spread of growing within endangered areas more and more side effects spring up. Corruption and social problems arise when illegal production is pressed into the so called “underground”. We recognise the social problems are made by prohibiton, not the drugs themselves.

The “modern” drug policy was made before than 50 years with the “Single Convention on narcotic drugs” 1961. Back in that time no one had a clue about the so called “unintended effects” of drug policy and ecologic systems.

The only solution to the problem of narcodeforestation is the regulation of “drugs”, narcotics, and controlled production.

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